How to Buy a Motorcycle – A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Purchase a Motorcycle:

Today, there are several factors that you should put into consideration when buying a motorcycle. In fact, you will need to know the type of motor-bike you need before entering the market and there will also be some paperwork to complete before taking your motorcycle for a ride. So, below is a detailed guide on how to choose the right motor-bike for your traveling needs:

Steps On How To Purchase A Motor-Bike:

-Selecting a motorcycle: There are several questions you need to take into consideration when choosing a motorcycle and these include; Do you really want or need a motorcycle?, What is your price range?, What is an appropriate displacement, weight and type within your skill set?, What is the intended use for the motorcycle?, Should the motorcycle be new or used, If used, what is the condition of the motorcycle?, Can you ultimately be satisfied with your purchase?, Where can you find the right motorcycle?, How will you pay for the motorcycle, etc.

-Consider whether you really want or need a motorcycle: The first question you must ask yourself is do you really want to ride a motorcycle and why? So, one of the best ways to get the answers is by making some research first. In fact, you will need to speak to motorcyclists and ask them about their experiences including both positive and negative, watch documentaries about motorcycling & discuss with your family and loved ones to get their views. If all these steps have been taken and you’re convinced that motorcycling is right for you, then take the next step.

-Get to know about your price range: Determine what you can afford to spend on a motor-bike. Additionally, determine what your cash assets are, write down your total post-tax income and then your expenses, subtract your expenses from your income and the remainder is what you can afford each month. Likewise, multiply the monthly amount by the number of months you intend to take in order to pay for the purchase & it should not exceed 60 months. Lastly, you may apply your cash assets towards the total purchase price.

-Determine the appropriate size & type of motorcycle you need: Motorcycles come in a wide variety of sizes, weights, styles and performance levels. So, this should be put into consideration for both your enjoyment and safety. So, determine whether you need a standard-bike or sport-bike before making a purchase.

-Determine whether you need a new or used bike: If you are a beginning rider then it’s often best to start with a good, low mileage used bike. If you’re an experienced rider then consider getting a moderately used bike, if you’re not mechanically inclined and desire reliable day-to-day transportation then consider acquiring a new bike.

-Take note of the bike-condition if you’re buying a used one: When buying a used motorcycle, there is a certain degree of risk. So, consider searching for the history of the motorcycle including regular maintenance, how it was used or even any accidents reports. This will require you to ask the bike owner lots of detailed questions, ask to see any maintenance logs or receipts, ask if the mileage is accurate, examine the title closely for any previous owners and transfers, examine parts on the bike such as the chain, sprockets, wheels, exhaust system, foot pegs, handlebars, grips, levers and bodywork for signs of equal wear, damage, new or mis-matched paint, scratches or signs of recently replaced parts. Also look carefully for any signs of corrosion, check for any oil or coolant leaks, ask to hear the bike start and run, check to make sure that the brakes, clutch, throttle and electrical equipment work properly.

-Search for where you can find the right motorcycle: If you are looking for a used bike, there are classified sections in local papers and numerous on-line resources like; Motorcycle Trader and eBay. If you are searching for a new bike then consider finding a dealer through a web search for the brand you want on line or searching in the yellow pages. However, always research on bike values first and examine the motorcycle in person before making a purchase.

-Follow these step when purchasing a new bike: Find a dealer with a good reputation, Don’t be afraid to visit two or more dealers selling the same product, Question the total amount, avoid optional aftermarket warranty coverage for a new motorcycle, Settle the final out-the-door price of the motorcycle first then discuss financing terms afterwards, Do not believe a dealer who tells you that you must have the dealer service your motorcycle in order for the warranty to remain valid.

-Pay for the motorcycle: The best method of payment is usually cash in full because it eliminates a lot of variables from the purchasing process. However, with a large purchase financing is often used. Additionally, do not extend the payment term beyond 5-years, do not agree to a payment that will not fit your monthly budget, make sure the interest rate is clearly stated, make sure the payment amount is exactly what the dealer quoted you & always get signed copies of any paperwork and keep these for as long as you own the motorbike.

-Consider these final tips: Get insurance, register the motorcycle right away in your name, pay the correct taxes for the motorcycle & take a motorcycle safety course if you’re a new rider.


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