How to Clean Tinted Car Windows – Tips on How To Clean Your Windows Fast & Easily:

Today, most cars have tinted windows which actually make them look cool while providing you with extra privacy. However, cleaning car windows is not an easy task and you will need to know which products will protect your car-windows and the tint inside. So, below are some of the steps that will help you quickly and safely clean your car-windows to keep them looking brand new again.


TIP-1: How to Choose a Safe Window Cleaner for Your Car:

-Make a homemade cleaner using baby-soap & rubbing alcohol: Get an empty spray bottle and rinse it to clean out any dust or residue, then add 2-tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to the spray bottle along with a few drops of your baby soap. Fill up the spray bottle with distilled water, screw on the cap and then swirl the contents to ensure a thorough mix. In fact, the alcohol in cleaner will disinfect the surface of your tint, help your cleaner to evaporate quickly and even dissolve grease and oils or any other kind of substance that causes fingerprints from windows.

-Mix equal parts water & white vinegar for a simple solution: Pour about 2-cups (470mL) of water and 2-cups (470-mL) of white-vinegar into a spray bottle or a bucket. Stir them up just slightly to mix them together and create a cheap and easy disinfectant for cleaning windows.

-Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners: If you’re going to buy a window cleaner, avoid getting products with ammonia in them because they can make your tint peel off and fade. So, buy an ammonia-free window cleaner.

-Test the cleaner on a small-area of the windows: Before you start spraying your windows down, consider picking a small section on one of the rear windows, spray a little bit of your homemade cleaner onto the window then use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. In case you notice any discoloration or streaking, don’t use your homemade spray on the rest of your windows.


TIP-2: How to Wipe Down Your Car Windows:

-Park your car in a shade: The sun tends to dry out your cleaning agents pretty quickly, so find a shady area like; garage or underneath an overhang to clean your car windows safely.

-Clean the rest of the car before moving to the windows: You’ll have to clean the exterior and interior of your car before you tackle cleaning the windows and the tinting on your windows. This is because accidental spraying, splattering or spreading dirtiness while cleaning other parts of your vehicle could lead to your windows getting dirty again.

-Spray the cleaner on a towel & then wipe down the windows: Get a microfiber cloth and spray your cleaner once or twice on the towel. Wipe down the inside and the outside of your tinted windows trying not to leave any streaks as you go. Using a microfiber cloth will ensure that you don’t accidentally scratch or scrape your windows. But if you don’t have a microfiber cloth then use a clean cotton rag instead.

-Wipe the cleaner away with a microfiber cloth: Immediately after spraying down your windows, take your cloth and wipe it either up and down or left to right. Don’t let the cleaner dry on its own because can leave streaks on the surface of your window. If you’ve wiped the outside of the window clean in a vertical fashion, you should consider wiping the inside in a horizontal fashion because this will make it easier for you to see where missed spots are located.

-Dry windows with a clean microfiber cloth: Get a second microfiber cloth and wipe away any cleaner still left on your window. Consider saving this cloth specifically for drying off your windows. This will keep your window cleaner and avoid scratching the surface as you wipe.

-Smooth out any bubbles in your tint using a credit card: In case you notice any bubbles in the tint of your windows, wrap a credit card in a microfiber cloth and press on the surface of the bubbles. Push the bubble out towards the edge of the tint to get the air out and then smooth the surface of your windows again.

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